2.91: Automatic Toggle of X-Ray from Object to Edit mode

I noticed that in 2.91 X-Ray mode automatically toggles when you switch from Object to Edit mode. I haven’t found the preferences where I could adjust this behaviour. Anyone knows what’s happening here?

Thank you in advance! :monkey_face:

It shouldn’t. Are you sure it’s an actual toggle and not a visual glitch?

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Yep, it’s a full toggle…

It certainly doesn’t do that if you just switch modes. I’d look into whichever custom menu you’re using, perhaps they’re in need of updating.

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Hm, yea, I am using Machin3 tools, I’ll try without…

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Verified, it’s the Machin3tools that need updating… already gotten so used to it… Thank you! :monkey_face: :+1:t4: