2.91 Sculpting - Changes to the Grab Brush?


I under the impression that 2.91 changed the behaviour of the Grab Brush in sculpting. It now also seems to pinch the geometry. Does anyone else have the same impression or did I accidently change something in the settings?

Here’s an example of what I mean. Not only does it pinch my extraction, it also misses a couple of vertices, leaving this jagged trail.

It kinda looks like that you have to try resetting scale of the model first? (Ctrl+A) Because sometimes it does some unexpected things like this.

And hope u may not have accidentally applied a texture on the stroke settings

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Oh yeah, I always forget about applying the scale first! Thank you for reminding me, I indeed changed the scale of the original quadsphere. :orangutan:

I’ll check about the texture too.

I’ll observe if the grab brush continues to behave like this. Thank you! :monkey_face: :+1:t4:

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