2.92 geom nodes randomness and making of an old dirty tiles roof

Hi all :slight_smile:

discovering and playing with the new amazing toy in blender: geom nodes.

I want to make an old roof with tiles.

Looks not too bad, but now i need to set-up the randomness thing for tiles translation on Yglobal between -0.1 and 0.1 around their position…
same for rotation on some local axis and also for x mirroring…

The thing is that the random input node generates 1 random value per scene and not per object and the inputs accept nothing from other nodes…

How would you do this ?

Here’s the blend:
tuiles.blend (679.2 KB)

Thanks and happy blending !

Okay got it :slight_smile:
It’s impossible to do what i want with 2.92 geom nodes. :rofl: ( laugh my a*s off )

2.93 is much more promising as nodes allow much more things and especially attrib random ADD !!!

of course the use of 2.93 requires me to throw away my prehistoric ryzen7 running on win7 and buy a brand new win10 comp because python morons decided the world is obsolete but…
YESSS !!! with 2.93 i definetely can do what i want !
randomly translating objects around their center…

Of course i could do this previously on a win XP using 2.79b modifiers, but this is progress !!!
I need to consume and have the same as before ! okay it’s a more sexy view to have it in a nodes manner instead of a list of modifiers but i love so much wasting money that i’ll subscibe ^^

And what if i give a try at sverchok geom nodes ? Maybe it’s more advanced than blender 2.92 one ?

Happy blending !

2.93/3.0 certainly add a lot of neat stuff. But, unless I misunderstood, what you described should be doable with Geometry Nodes in 2.92 with the Attribute Randomize node:
tuiles_randomized.blend (681.1 KB)

I haven’t included the mirroring. While you can scale by a negative value to mirror geometry, I think it sometimes messes with the normals, but this is true for 2.93, as well.

Hi @lone_noel :slight_smile:

Thanks a bunch for your accurate answer :smiley:

Indeed this is exactly what i needed and finally i found another post that brought me to do exactly the same solution.

The ‘on-the-fly’ creation of attributes ( i’d call them variables ) is needed and it is a really great feature !

But for some reason this does not work at all in 2.93 wich can offer other way of doing it by adding vector values.

Finally this works fine in 2.92 but i got another problem. When a ‘apply’ the geom nodes modifier, all the mesh disappears.
Also when adding another modifier ( eg array ) after the geom nodes modifier, the array does not work either :confused:

Strangely blender is unable to get the tiles mesh for edition…

Do you have an idea for this ?

Thanks and happy blending !

Weird, as far as I know, everything that worked in 2.92 should still work in 2.93.

Unfortunately both of these things were only added with 2.93.
What you can try, is using the Make Instances Real operator (bottom of the ctrl + A popup) on the object with the geometry nodes modifier and then join the realized instances into one object. It’s not a great workaround, but it might help you in some situations…


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Thanks again @lone_noel :smiley:

Though far from straightforward, your method works fine: make instances real.
Then simply set the Relations->MakeSingleUser->ObjectAndData unlink all meshes from the original ones.
After this i can join all tiles in a roof and make an array for my seamless texturing :smiley:

Happy blending !

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back there with some lil info :slight_smile:

I finally built a small ( and dirty ) shader for this old worn roof…

Am not too unhappy with the result as it’s far from perfect.
For sure it’s unusable for a blender render as it misses lots of things like displacement and variations for moss, but i did this for baking and use the textures ( diffusemap and heightmap ) in unity3D. And for sure a 512x512 texture will do the trick :wink:

Happy blending !

EDIT: if anyone want the shader and the textures, just post and i’ll up it here :wink:

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aaah blender…

This software unfeatures are really amazing !

Imagine a simple thing you want to do…
open blender…
and YESSSS !!! it cannot do it !

What a pleasure beeing so often pissed off with unterminated features and the great progress with all those things you could do in the past that you cannot do anymore…
Ohhhh the bliss to be told by retards that i can still use blender 1.0 for doing what i want… This is so pleasurable to feel like in 1984 with my amiga taking 12 secs per pixel for rendering the boing in sculpt-animate 4D !!!

Okay now, aside the pleasure, and because life is also made of things-that-have-to-be-done, i have to rework all in a high poly manner…

I mean this kind of tile:
is a no go if you plan another use that the devs decided for you ( i talk about height baking )…

Discussion between ̶i̶n̶ ̶H̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶B̶e̶t̶w̶e̶e̶n̶ ̶M̶a̶c̶h̶i̶a̶v̶e̶l̶l̶i̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶M̶o̶n̶t̶e̶s̶q̶u̶i̶e̶u̶ dumb-user and god-developper

  • errr… i’m sorry sir, but i’d like to bake height for this tile
  • you can’t
  • but sir, sorry, i need the height !
  • nah it’s forbidden !
  • why is it ?
  • because we devs decided long ago it was and we will never change !
  • hmmm okay. so what should i do for baking height of this tile for my important project ?
  • we don’t care wether your project is important or not. If you use blender, you accept it is unfinished.
    And if you want height bake, you can download, compile and eventually debug the 1.0 that will run only on X86 alpha kernel with python beta 0.73c on a Mandrake 1a.1993 with and RS485 optical rewritable drive using Fat16-extended.
  • ooooh thank you !!! you are my savior !!!
  • You welcome. If you want to support please do a donation to Gate’s fundation. thank you.

:stuck_out_tongue: after this lil wink, lemme show you the sh*t:

Tiles are faceted !
Why are they ?
simply because they really are :stuck_out_tongue:

for one tile, i use a curved surface made of 6 faces describing some kind of cylinder part of about 90°.

Normally you render this in flat shading and you see the faces.
You can also render it in smooth shading and the normals are interpolated showing a close-to-perfect round shape.

Now you want to bake this and… you’re stuck as baking height is not allowed in cycles.
hack it and do it !
Some imaginative people did an hack for baking heights. I used the technique myself and it works like a charm for planar surfaces but it is totally inefficient on low poly curved surfaces.
This means that shade smooth is useless as it uses normal interpolation that is not used when using the geometry’s position output node. This one only outputs the face fragment to be rendered, whatever is the flat or smooth setup ( oh ? a bug ? or a feature ? :stuck_out_tongue: )

The only way is making high resolution tiles.
At least high enough for making this facetting disappear… so here we go !

On the previous pic, you can see 2 tiles on the lower left part that are subdivided by 1.
The facetting effect is less obvious.
I guess that with 3 or 400 faces per tile the final height bake will be close to perfection…

I’ll post here for the results :slight_smile:

Happy blending !

Edit: As i’m finally far from the topic title, i’ll rename it so that it’s more accurate about this roof making…

hi all :slight_smile:

with high poly tiles, the result is waaaaaay better :slight_smile:

Happy blending !