2.92 - Keyframes of "Copy to selected" not working

Doesnt matter whether the intended target is orange or blue highlighted by selection, it is not copying a keyframe’d property to the target objects.

I am trying to have an unchecked “dynamic” property on severeal rigid body objects copied to the other dynamic objects, to delay them falling apart by 120 frames. The “copy to selected” when right clicking on “dynamic” isnt doing anything.

It might be best to show this with a video… so here:

So quite simply the command appears to be broken, even if I had got this the WRONG way round at first, it should have overwritten the correctly keyframed object, it didnt. It did nothing.

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This is unrelated to keyframing, it just copies the property’s value
If you want to copy keyframes you can do so in any animation editor

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I’m sure you misunderstood the OP’s question. OP didn’t say he wants to copy keyframes. He wants to copy the property’s value, and it doesn’t work when the source value is keyframed.

I’d say it’s a bug and the OP should report it.


I’m not quiet sure to be sure that i’m pretty sure that @Hadriscus is in the right way of understanding the needs of @crayzcrinkle

anyway, action is an action in blender datablock’s system.

I may have misunderstood. However copying an animated property’s value to selected objects works fine on my end. If it doesn’t work for @crayzcrinkle they should provide their Blender version and OS so we can try to reproduce the issue