2.92 trackpad behaviour concern

hey hoping i can drum up some support for something small but near and dear to my heart.

i’m likely a small subset of blender user that uses blender almost exclusively with trackpad - mice were giving me carpal tunnel and this seems to have helped. my current setup has always been to use “natural scrolling” throughout my OS and blender for all 2d scrolling, but left this setting off in blender’s preferences for 3d viewport orbiting. thats just how i’ve built my muscle memory.

unfortunately as of 2.92 blender removed what they considered to be a ‘mistake’ in allowed users to choose different 3d tumble behahviour than 2d scrolling behaviour. this is now an all-or-nothing situation controlled by the OS level system preference. so i’m left with having to redo muscle memory for either 3d orbiting or 2d scrolling.

i’m sure this could be a “suck it up and adapt” situation, but it just feels unnecessary as this is purely a subtractive feature. you don’t ‘gain’ anything other than a removed checkbox in settings, instead you lose flexibility and this just generally feels like an accessibility hostile gesture to take away an input setup that a user was comfortable with.

hoping there are at least a few other people in the same boat, or even users who like having the trackpad inputs the same, but are also kind enough to allow the option for those who don’t who could show a little support on the dev site to maybe prevent the removal of this option: https://developer.blender.org/rB055ed335a111bebed7193acd083f54d5c82929ff