2.92 Viscosity problem

I am messing with the new viscosity in 2.92 but I am running into one issue where the initial emission of the liquid is too fast, while the following emissions are stable and slow. All settings are default and I only animated the emission of the liquid.

image image

Anything that I am missing?

It looks like your fluid is in free-fall at emission (there’s no interaction with the emitter object) and as such it’s just a blob of honey or whatever being dropped from a height and it plummets like a stone. As soon as it hits something its fall is stopped and it begins to flow and the viscosity is in effect.

If you want it to slowly flow off the emitter then you might try seeing if the emitter can also be a collision object (I don’t know and maybe it can’t) or try duplicating the emitter, shrinking it slightly so its surface is inside the emitter surface where the particles will be emitted, make it a collision object, and have the emitter emit from its surface. Something like that (though it may still plummet from the bottom so you’ll have to play with it).