2.93.5 Cloth calculations totally different on two machines

Hey guys,

I’ve run into a problem that I never had before and I decided to ask here if anyone encountered this before. So I was working on an animation and needed some nice cloth simulation. After I setup the values I needed to run a test calculation on my i7 cpu at home which looked good and I decided to move the blend file to my cloud pc to calculate the whole simulation.

To my surprise the final calculation on my cloud pc looked totally different than my calculation at home. It looks like it’s totally messed up, cloth flying around like I added some kind of a wind or turbulence force but that is not the case. I just copied it to my cloud instance without changing any of the cloth sim values at all.

In the end this is of course not a big problem. I calculated it with my machine at home, baked it to disk so I can use the correct calculations on my cloud pc but I wondered, just out of curiosity, if anyone ever encountered something like this?

Thanks for listening. ^^