2.93.5 is Knife Project borked?

Just playing around w/Knife Project, and the only success I’ve had is with a Text object. Simple planes, cubes, icospheres and Suzanne don’t seem to work at all.

Hello, I just found this tool recently and couldn’t get it to work at all. After a lot of searches, I found that the manual hadn’t been updated and the steps had changed, but it seems to be updated now. What threw me off was that I thought I could use a mesh in the sense of a full Suzanne head, but that would be more of a boolean operation.

I think this is for 2D (single sided) cutters to be projected onto 2D/3D meshes. I was able to get this to work. Not sure if this is what you meant though.


Yeah, it’s been evolving rapidly, in confusing directions. When it works, it works quite well.

Usually my mistakes with it have to do with normal direction.

With a 3d volume like Suzanne I’d expect it to cut a “convex hull” type outline into the cuttee object. I’m not sure it does. (I’m also not positive Suzanne is watertight, which I believe is a requirement.)