2.9x How do I get independent nodegroup copies?


what is the intended way to make a duplicated nodegroup independent inside a single material in Blender 2.9x ? In previous versions this could be done with the user counter button. ( single user copy; shader editor) I can’t figure out how its currently meant to be used. Any tips?

User Counter button is still there in 2.9x.
That works the same.

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Hi @zeauro, wow, then maybe its messed up here, but I tested it in 2.82 and a current build and for me its different. Here is a comparison

Which build is that? Current builds don’t behave that way. There was an attempt at redesigning the datablock selector in 2.92, where you could see that behavior, but it was reverted and shouldn’t be present in current builds (e.g. the 2.92 Beta or a freshly built master).

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Yeah indeed. its not as new as I thought., its about 3 weeks old (rBaa64fd69e733). I’ll test the current build now.


Yes updating to latest 2.92 beta brought the back the known behaviour again.
I thought it would have been a permanent change.

Thanks much to both of you!!!