2 abstract works

made with 2.43, testing Defocus.

high resolution

very pleasing to the eye !!!

Wow, very nice!
Can you explain how you created the ‘fibers’ in the second one?

The first one is nice and smooth, though I feel the blur is too strong, or somehow distractingly wrong. Nice pic, but I can’t help but concentrate on the blur.

The second pic is just really, really nice.

Did you use static particles for the second one, or maybe a bunch of curvy tubes using proportional editing?

I really like the second one, the first looks nice too.

Technically this belongs in the test forum, but they both look good enough that i really don’t care.

3.5 stars (rounded up)

That would take too long. I think he might have used the curve modifier. Nice job- you’ve got 4 stars from me.

thanks !
to create fiber, i had use some edge with fractal subdivide. I converted with the script “mesh to curve”, and transform to bezier.

lanC: i agree, there is to many blur… I must increase the fStop parameter.

TheANIMAL: thanks, i had forget there is a test forum… sorry !

Alden, thanks !

The first one looks like some kind of mathematical fortune cookie o_o.

The second one just looks intense; can’t think of anything else to say.

Double that: the first one is great, the second one is absolutely cool :RocknRoll:. Great work, especially concidering it is just some ‘tests’… nice

The first one doesn’t really appeal all that much to me, but that second one of yours with the fibres is absolutely awesome!!! For that I give you 5 stars, because, well, I just really love that second one!


they are both incredible :eek: the shadow of the in-focus bit of the first one looks a bit too defined, but apart from that, good work! :yes:

thank you very much for comments and stars !