2 big problems with the new forum :(

  1. The “search” function doesn’t seem to work. I tried doing a search for “3DS” and another for “FBX” and it returned nothing. Yet the first thread in the Python forum contained both of these?

  2. There isn’t a “delete” button when you edit your own post. This really needs to be fixed too.

I really miss the old Elysiun forum, I hope these problems are fixed soon and that you folks come up with something more befitting the image of the community! Good luck!

  1. The search function works fine. :slight_smile: Just not for 3 character searches. It’s not vBulletin, it’s MySQL. It can be changed, though. Although why “we’re” running a commercial forum package on top of a GPL OS running on top of a GPL database backend is anybody’s guess.


And regen the indexes. Assuming you have SA access. That’s probably why. Maybe it’s colocated and the moderators don’t have control over the production box.

  1. Nope. But nothing’s stopping you from highlighting all the text and blanking it.

Thanks for the explanation H_T. I still don’t understand what was wrong with the old forum and the old url. I loved the dark background, much easier on the eyes, everything seemed to work, and the url was easy to remember. With Blenderartists.org, you have to be careful not to accidently type .com as it’s a different thing all together. What happened with “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

Why anyone would run an insecure, buggy, slow and inefficient piece of crap like PHPBB is anybody’s guess.

The reasons (which we’ve been over time and time again) is because PHPbb was slow, inefficient and was insecure. There were no mature, stable, efficient and easy to migrate to forums that were both OSS or FOSS that had the features or the easy expandability that we really needed. Timothy & Co. can write plugins for vBulletin without having to hack up the core of the software like he had to with phpbb.

And of course there’s tons of features that make day-to-day moderation loads easier.

FOSS != quality.

And as for the old look, we’ve been over that before too, our current look is temporary! We’re working on a new template. The old name, elysiun, wasn’t indicative of what we do. BlenderArtists is far more informational.

What happened with “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”?

See above, it was broke! Just because you guys didn’t see what was going on in the background doesn’t mean it was FUBAR.

Oh and if you have some 3 letter words/phrases/acronyms you think we should add, let us know!

BTW, Elysiun.com still works, but we are changing the name to BlenderArtists.

SSS please.

It used to exist in the fake forum before the Elysiun database was moved.

Just for testing, I removed some of my posts, but I was also able to delete posts in the middle of a thread, so I wonder if this has to do with not giving us the ability to delete?

I personaly find the fourm functional and stable (great uptime guys). That is all i want as far as i’m concerened.

Having run some other fourms, its not a trival amount of work, and “free” software is does not mean free bandwidth. So money needs to change hands anyway and the dev team should be free to use whatever saves them time.

So thanks to all who put in the work. Most of us really apprechate it. (even if we can’t spell)


yeah i agree with bigkahuna… i liked the other theme better, i see this one way too often

Oh and if you have some 3 letter words/phrases/acronyms you think we should add, let us know!

Please add ‘bvh’. Thanks.

Ooh sarcasm! :smiley: I like it.

I wasn’t suggesting you keep the old one if you wanted to change, as you know there’s tons of them out there, (if you didn’t, here’s a short list.)

OSS != quality, aye. But it does == good, whether the codebase is worth using or not. :smiley: Cause anyone can pick up the reins and drive it to the next version. And if the original developer gets bored or finds a boyfriend / girlfriend to put up with them, the next generation of up-and-coming geeks can take the code and run with it, instead of there being yet another piece of software everyone loved go dormant.

As far as this version lacking the personality of the old, that is not a problem for me, we’re here for the exchange of information so as long as vBul doesn’t decide to kill the SQL box in it’s sleep, I’m happy.

Speaking of writing scripts, someone want to write a script to take out all the things that this vBul config doesn’t allow and/or support? All the escaped \ characters in .sigs, all the [font] and [color] and [size] tags, etc…

I think the point is that forum administrators time is worth more than the cost of getting the commercial software that reduces system load as well. That’s the balancing act.

In theory everyone would instead of using Maya etc. have written their own, but the fact is it’s cheaper for them to buy it than enhance or write from scratch a competitive piece of software. The most expensive resource in the world is skilled people.


Three letter acronyms that people may use:


Of course file extensions are normally three letters long:


This may be partially avoided by typing “.3ds” or “.obj” but that won’t give a full set of matches. There are even two letter file types - “.sl” won’t work (shader language for Renderman).

All I know is that I have occasionally had problems searching because of this limit.


dont dig up threads older than 4 months please…and…

We already have a official thread about the new layout, find it in News & Discussion, a sticky thread.