2 blender projects in one?

I have 2 blender projects. I would like to use a 3d logo i have made in my new project, but i don’t want to make the logo all over again. is there a way to export it and import it. O r copy it from one project to the othere?

You can append the Scene from one file to another, File, Append. You can also render out one file as a movie and include it as a Strip in the Sequence Editor. If you go for the first option then in F10, Output tab, below the Directory Fields is a Menu Icon from which you can include a second Scene in the render.

You can also Append all Objects from one scene to another by going to the Objkect lib in the Append directory and RightClicking all objects then Enter or ‘Load Library’. You may, however, loose some links this way and will probably have to set it all up again relative to the camera you’re using (and lights).


Append is what you are looking for. Goto File > Append, or press Shift+F1. Locate the Blender file you are looking for, and you will get sub menues. Locate the object and append it into your scene.

Here is also a video tutorial for appending: http://blender3d.com/cms/Getting_started.400.0.html.