2 Brandnew Billy And Moe Episodes!

(bmax) #1

Remember that retarded cartoon I was drawing? No? Well, check out the 2 new episodes now!

Click here.

More to come soon!!

(bmax) #2

Great to see all the replies folks.

(extol) #3

well maybe if i could see them i’d reply…

(bmax) #4

Hmm…yes, I’m afraid that the link:

Wasn’t clear enough. Let me redeem myself:

ClIcK hErE!!111elven!!1

I hope that’s a bit more readable. Definitely easier on the eyes.

(extol) #5

let me clarify.

the link DOESN’T WorK FOR mE!!!1111

(traitor) #6

woah there, settle down guys!

no need for us all to get twitchy about it, links vs browsers are not always 100% compatible.

and btw, it worked fine for me (firefox)

(bmax) #7

Well, maybe you could have told me that instead of saying you can’t see them. That doesn’t tell me anything. And yea, use firefox. Or any other decent browser (by which I don’t mean IE).