2 bugs

First Bug:

If a sound is not directly triggered my a “keyboard” or such type of sensor, the sound won’t play(unless a directly triggered sound is, and the first sound will start as though it were playing the whole time). This has happened in multiple games i have been making. So, if you try to trigger a sound through a message sensor, It has a 80% chance of not being played.

Second bug:

Animations are going whack, if I need a camera to be centered by an animation(say I only needed Y and X key frames), the keyframe of the axis I deleted(z) would still happen.

Note: I am not the best explainer. . .

  1. Are you sure about that? I’ve never had problems with the sound actuator. I’ve rigged up a test file and it plays fine.
    What format sound?
    What other logic do you have?

  2. Well, that’s why I don’t do animation…
    Again, I can’t find this bug in a test file. be aware you have to delete every single keyframe on that axis.

Just a question, what version blender are you using? (This was on 2.63. I haven’t tried on 2.64)

The sound problem happened in 2.63 and 2.64. i guess it happens random’y sometimes. Like my rain will randomly cut out. I use .wav. To save on how much logic I see at once, I have an empty play a shooting sound which is triggered by a message, and half the time it doesn’t play. Unless I have a sound constantly going in the background. The sound problem could be my old computer. . . But it never happened with 2.62.

I did delete every keyframe on that axis. Like I only made the X-axis have a keyframe(I even checked the F-curves). I had a mouse button make your camera go back to the 0 degree on the x axis, and it ended up moving the whole thing on all axis back to the rotations of where the camera was when the game started.