2 buttons that do the same thing? (Linking files)

When I load an image for a texture, or background image…there are two slots. It looks like one for the actual image and one for the source?

I tried clicking on the folder for both and they seem to do the same thing. Can someone please explain the difference?

Much appreciated!

The bottom one replaces the image that you have in the box and the top one is a new image all together so you can still keep the first image in you image history.
hope that makes sense

Thanks for the reply…so if I’m changing out a texture I can use either one. But which one SHOULD I use? I assume top one, in case I want to switch back?

I would use the top one if im not planning on using many images so i can easily access them when i want but im using a lot of textures and maybe im lazy and dont name them properly ill use the bottom one to replace them so it doesnt get too messy