2 cars in a desert scene

well i got bored over the summer and started modelling, and never really stopped modeling until it came time to render (it took 21 hrs for a still1, am i doing something wrong). but it all came down to being my dektop, so here it is!
adn im a noob so please explain everything:D (btw: 2005? lamborghini murceilago r-gt and a 1971 dodge challenger)

You’re going to need to upload your image to the internet.

Yea I can give one huge crit!


Very good site you know :slight_smile:


i hope that works…im a real noob


i hope it works this time

Not the first time I’ve seen someone do this… we can’t access your hard drive, only the internet, so you’ll have to upload it. You can upload directly to BlenderArtists, or an external hosting site, like imageshack (see Dudebot13’s post), MediaFire (www.mediafire.com) or LocalHostr (www.localhostr.com (I think)).

I thought rank noobies couldn’t use links, to stop spam bots.

monk_aw, use the Manage Attachments button (scroll down) and upload the images.

Oh yeah… Touché.

Presto!! i just had to type something to fill up ten characters he he. Anywayz:p
Go advanced:confused:
Manage attachments:RocknRoll:
Browse and upload:spin:
your done!:eyebrowlift: