2 cubes, 2 textures, 1 problem

Hi all,
the problem is very simple.
When exporting as COLLADA, one of the texture (female texture) has its sized reduced to 83ko (>300Ko initially) while the other texture is exported keeping its original size.
Any idea what goes wrong here ?

Enclosed: blender file (and zip with original textures, collada exported files, export settings that I use).

Texture test.blend (1.09 MB)
Cubes with textures for export.zip (1 MB)

I guess this happens:
The “shrinking” texture has an embedded color profile. As Blender does not write those on exporting or saving images, the resulting exported texture file is lighter.

The other texture stays the same in size on export, as it doesn’t have an embedded color profile to begin with.

Hello IkariShinji
Thank you for your help. That’s pretty good news I think. Indeed the ‘shrinking’ texture was modified and exported by myself using Photoshop while the other texture was done by someonelse. So now the question is how do I save my JPEG file so that there is no embedded color profil.
Each time I open the psd file, Photoshop is asking whether I want to

  1. keep the profil,
  2. convert the colors
  3. suppress the profil
    I always select 1)

Is it why there is an embbeded profil and should I select 2 or 3 ?
Or is it something to do with the JPEG export options in Photoshop ?
Thank you

Hi again,
I did remove the profil (at least that is what the Mac finder says, it has an RGB) but the problem is still here…
Kind of lost now…

I’m actually not sure why you export UV textures at all.
Just tell Blender not to export those and simply use the image texture you already have…?

Other than that: Perhaps you’re giving the file size too much significance.
Is the image quality preserved or not? If so, why bother about a few KB more or less.

This is actually what I am doing right now.
But I have other textures and it’s much more convenient to export all materials in one folder without having to handle many files.
I am offering paid work in the Paid Job section.
If you wish to apply, I can send you the Photoshop file if you need it.
Tell me