2-D animations


Currently, I have only two, but more are on the way (eventually). I use tracing paper, pencils, & Sharpies for the line art, then they’re photographed & dumped into Painter, where they’re colored (the MPEG-1 compression doesn’t really do it justice). I put the pieces together with Quicktime Pro, then ffmpeg to turn into .mpg files.


Really nice anims, even though I couldn’t hear the sound (because I had the speaker on mute). I hope to see more of them :stuck_out_tongue: !

Hahah, very nice! :smiley: Thanks for sharing. Nice voice for the old lady.


Thanks for the compliments :slight_smile: I have some more stuff I hope to preview before too long, although I’m up to my ears in preproduction for a 3-D movie, too (POV-Ray, not Blender – sorry! Can only learn one new thing at a time!)

haha, i like it, reminds me of my site, minus the vulgar humor, and your stuff is better drawn, haha.

they were very well drawn and animated. i will try to download some of your 3d stuff as well.

also just a suggestion have you ever thought of using flash? i did a lot of animation in mpeg aswell. but then i swiched to flash. the benifits are really good. smaller file size, almost everyone can see flash and your not having to deal with people not being able so see your mpeg codec, you can have a loading screen, usually helps people from leaving your site, and the image quailty is much better. negatives are it can be difficult to animate and some of the movement are not as fluid. but that can be worked out with time and practice.

keep up the great work!

…but if using flash, you need to leave those natural/raw/hand-drawing style. Am I right? %|

charon- yes and no, you basically can do what you want, for me i render my images in blender then export to flash, currently i’m guessing goofygrax is drawing by hand, then using a scanner to scan the images to his computer and then you can import them into flash (keeping the raw look). or you could just do the drawings in flash or photoshop and import smoother images. its all up to you, how you want it to look…

Goofy: Good luck on POV-Ray… I gave up, after I realized that a simple object takes like 4 hours to make. And I couldn’t get the colors to import…

Wu, you’re right.

I haven’t touch flash for 2,3…4 years! But I found many flash works are not smooth even playing in a mid-range computer.

Would you tell me more about the easiest process of “from blender to flash”? I wonder how much innovation can be made possible :smiley:


charon- for me the easiest way is to create your image in blender, and save it as a .jpg. then in flash you can import the images.

from here the inovation is up to you. i like to edit the heads in flash so i can just swap each individual head as needed. you can also render as a avi jpg, and then just import all the images into flash, so all the animation is done in blender.

it is pretty hard to explain, but basically you can save your images as jpg in blender and import into flash, and go from their about a million different ways, haha. ive been using flash and blender for about 2 years nonstop, and i still think up new ways to use the two together.

maybe if more people were aware their was a great 3d software like blender for free we wouldnt have to sit and watch about a billion bad handdrawn animations all made with flash. we would just have to watch bad handdrawn textureing, by me, haha!

good luck.

for me the easiest way is to create your image in blender, and save it as a .jpg. then in flash you can import the images.

Wow, that sounds simple. This is also a good idea, use flash as an “animation engine” and not to deal with its weired interference (I can’t accept it’s concept for working with vectors as I’m a keen Illustrator user :wink:

Thank you Wu. I’ll go ahead to receive some simple web-page design project :smiley:

flash can easily be as smooth as video if you know how to use it. One thing that helps is cranking up the frame rate…

I’ve been meaning to do something like this in flash…Damn you, work and school! Damn you!

The thought has crossed my mind more than once, but in the end it comes to one big thing: money. For a shmuck like me whose got a family to feed and a mortgage to pay, shelling out that kind of green for Flash doesn’t make sense.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The line art is drawn on paper using pencils & Sharpies, then I photograph the results & dump them into Painter 6.0 to add color. From there, it’s Quicktime Pro to edit the video, Audacity and Csound for audio, and ffmpeg to convert to mpeg-1.

Thanks. I’ve been using POV-Ray since 95, so I’ve gotten used to its quirks, although I’m rapidly coming up to the point where its limitations are going to cause some problems…

I have Blender 2.3.7 sitting on my G3, patiently waiting for me to free up some time to learn how to use it. I keep thinking I should start using it, but then I open my sketchbook and see the 12,987 movie ideas I have, and I have to ask myself “Is the time better spent actually making a new animation, or learning yet another way to make animations?” Eventually, the animation ideas are going to be simply impossible to do on POV and I’ll have to turn to Blender, but I haven’t quite hit that point yet…

flash too expensive?? haha, thats why you got to be a smart guy like me, i bought flash version 4 off ebay for 20 dollars, and a scanner off ebay for 15, and a used computer for around 250, and blender for free! and a boat load of simplecartoons…priceless!!!

by the way, getting a scanner for your drawings is going to help you out big time! i would say invest the 15 dollars, and get the best quality scans of your hard work that you can get. photos just dont carry the quality of the work through.

just my opinions, keep up the great work!

Ha ha, I got my scanner by claiming the credit points of my visa. But for my case: usually scan artworks for tracing in Illustrator. I found scanning is a bit too slow for low-res touch up. Recently, I only use my digital camera to record artworks.

If someone has a lot of hand-drawing-to-computer-works. I suggest to setup a simple photographic studio. I think shooting can save much more time than scanning. Choose a mid-range camera with less distortion (zooming from far away also mininizing distortion), and if you get a sunny day and well illuminated room - no extra lighting is necessary :wink: