2!! days to photorealism

Just another reminder that the photorealism contest deadline is rapidly approaching! With YafRay starting to be used there are some promising pictures out there.

The theme is “Interior Spaces”. So find your old interor projects (or if you are motivated make a new one) and submit them to the photorealism contest!

For more details and a place to post your images, go here

There are only 2 entires! Come on, somebody has to have something! Anybody???

damn…when I read the title I was inclined to post my latest yafrayed rings picture (with due credit to wavk). But seeing as you can only post interior spaces… :frowning:

Anyway, hoping to see some really cool pics until next week

are the rings inside on a table? If so I suppose you can post them!

define “inside”… %| They are on a plane, yes. You mean I have to put a cube around them? :slight_smile:

anyway, I have to re-render them with a table texture…

come on, somebody has to have something more. 2 entires is pitiful!


somebody? anybody?

clearly this contest was not mean to be :frowning:

heh, kinda ironic that somebody like yourself is hosting a photorealism contest… thats all i got to say…

hmm… i know, photorealism is kinda hard… but maybe some people just dont want to enter the contest because it’s on your site… i’d rather see it here at elysiun. and your site design with all the forums and stuff isnt very clear [including some of the graphics]. maybe it’s just not a good environment for photorealism… sorry
just my 2 cents

i have to agree with andy there. You’Re making so much advertisement on elysiun for your forums and i am just wondering why not do this contest on elysiun… we did other contests on elysiun as well… and hosting never was a big problem .If u want that people visit your site, why not just make rocking pics and show 'em there? You always crit ppl now its your time to show something that makes us think that crit from you is ok…
Just my 2€-Cents…

cya henrik

i agree, you advertise your site everywhere, you seem to critique everybodies work, never make anything to ‘give back’ to the community except ‘program made’ terrain and flat suns =/

i think you should pick up your game

just my 2 cents

I’m not sure how early you announced this contest…but since there wasetn a real hype around it…it failed…and yes…the contest should rather be held on elysiun.

btw…maybe people just dont like your sun logo…well its…well…ehm…how can I put this… :o :o %| …well…if thats a sun…where’s its heat? :slight_smile:

but anyways…is the deadline to the contest over yet?

AH HA, I knew somebody had to have some opinions. :smiley: I’ve been trying to get some feedback, now I got it, even if it is mostly negative. Thanks!

Why don’t I post more work? Well, that answer is simple, I don’t have the time right now. I am trying to implement more features for my site to make it easier to use, and that requires time spent on codeing. A lot of time is also used studying for school :frowning: .

I hope to get back to 3D graphics within a couple of months at which point I will start posting more of my own work instead of just commenting on everybody elses. In the mean time…if people are finding my comments useless…well…I can lay off if you want.

I know my logo could use some work, I have some ideas but it always takes more time to try them out and implement them.

I could run it the contest through elYsiun, but then there would be the normal issues with hosting the images at a good resolution and not have broken linkes, not have copy it into a new window issues, etc.etc. A number of contests have been run on other sites (F1 challenge, to name one) without too much hassle.

I usually only directly advertise my site when somebody goes “where can I host this image/animation” or “my hosting sucks” or something similar.

@ndy: Do you have a suggestion for a more clear layout, I would be happy to get some feedback.

well your sun represents your standalone company, so I assume…but I was referring to the heat…its radiance…activity on a sun isnt just on the surface. and flat…well…textures could change the depth perception

I’m just saying…for a company logo…it could use more work :slight_smile:

just my 0.02 dollars :stuck_out_tongue:

i dont want that u stop doing comments on images. You just dont never say something good. you always only crit.
At least it seems so.

cya henrik

mods, I know this is wandering off topic…sorry.

@ce: I agree with you. The sun logo was something I slaped together last year and stuck. I have not gotten the chance to really improve it.

kaktuswasse: I try to give constructive critisim. After reading an entire list of “holy cow great work”, it dosn’t make sence to say “holy cow great work” and leave it at that, as much fun as it is to read a thread full of “holy cow great work”. :slight_smile: I’ll usually see if I can spot anything that could stand to be improved, if the work is really good, I will usually add my “holy cow great work” to the batch :slight_smile:

I hope this mentality that is cropping up about the Photorealism contest (poeple not wanting to enter because it isn’t on elYsiun) isn’t going to hurt the Blender Reel project.

the blender reel demo was an excellent idea…so we can show the posibilities of the packadge…in a more true form…however I think it’ll still take time to get the extramaterial for the demo . There are allot of Movie projects in the making, but most of them are in early stages…and there isnt much to show yet. In time there will be enough for an effective demoreel.

About the contests: allot of contests have started, and died…lack of interest was a cause, the timeframe…or simply people did not know there was one running. Maybe making the participation more appealing…
I remember the contests for “Flyer”, the first speed modelling competition, with the timeframe of a full weekend…numerous of blender users were chatting/blending at the same time…making it even more fun to work on it. Now the form of this competition has been taken to the Weekend challenge…or his smaller brother…the 30 minute smc’s.
Point is…the contests must be appealing, and the contestants should have more contact with each other…to really make it work.

:o wow…been a while since I posted something this large…

well, thanks for your input. If no other entries are posted to the photorealism contest, I suppose I’ll just drop it…for now :stuck_out_tongue:

the contest just needed some spicing up :slight_smile: