2 demos i made.

Here is 2 demos i made some time ago, thaught i might share it with you guys :slight_smile:



Worms 3D test

Tell me what you think

I really like othello. Its very well put together…
I dont want to install 2.25 so i can’t test the other, but good job anyway :slight_smile:

worm does not work
no I am not going to install 225 :stuck_out_tongue:
Othello is realy nice
a little bit too black and white, but great style anyway

ok, Thanks for the comments.

So basicly nobody here uses 2.25 ennymore?
ok, so il post .exe`s instedd of .blends then. :slight_smile:

you know there is anew release of Blender right ?
it is up to 2.34 now :slight_smile:

i know, but i like 2.25 much better, i think il move on when the next version comes out :slight_smile:

Othello is pretty cool. Pretty nice to see how the arrows calculating which pieces to replace with white or black. Lol, I was hoping to see an Othello AI. I tried out worms, (lol, some of us still have 2.25 on our machines).

Too bad you could only walk around with the worm. The camera angle is a bit odd and I couldn’t find a way to go up to the flag (hmm, was there a jump button? It would have been cool to have multiplayer with realtime worm shooting action.

Jason Lin

I think i will make a Othello AI. And i will make multiplayer with the worms demo after i got multiplayer working perfect.

Thank you all for the comments :slight_smile:

Othello seems to have problems with “flipping” things longer than two pieces.

Worms looks like it could be good but everything is really slow. Not framerate but turning, movement, and camera reaction… Nothing seems fast enough. Oh well, still pretty cool.

Hmm, i cant find anny problems with the Othello game.

I noticed that the movment on the worms game was very slow and such. i may fix(or remake) it later

If I set it up so I get three white pieces in a row with a black piece on the right end then put a black piece on the left end, the leftmost white piece is not flipped.

Here’s my bad example with ASCII… (O is black, o is white)

that one just added



[Edit]I tried a few more set-ups orthogonally and it seems that the green “bounce-back” stops after two pieces. And diagonally it only comes back one piece :o:-?[/Edit]

im sorry DVirus101
I dont know how i can fix that becaus it dosent happen on my computer :frowning:

Lol, DVirus101 you must be the special one. Hmm, that’s weird, Blender should work the same for every computer except for the different fps. On my computer, Othello works fine, no problems here.

Jason Lin

Othello, really nice game, work perfect and a really cool puzzle game. Worms looks awesome too, little slow on some things, but really cool. :smiley: