2 doors, one works, the other doesnt


The door are the same sized planes etc. The one on the left works (as does all other doors) but the one on the right is challenged in life.

When it is opend 90degrees (R x 90) it does what you see in the pic. If I continue the rotation around to the right (+} the door shrinks in width to half its size then emerges full size again back at the original closed position along the x axis.

I have replaced the bone 3 times, and it still fails. Its just soo odd.

What the heck am I doing wrong?:eyebrowlift2:


At a guess, it’s been constrained to BOTH bones. Check it doesn’t have two armature modifiers (assuming they’re separate armatures) or that it isn’t assigned to both bones (check its vertex grouping).


Indeed, the verts of the naughty plane are included in Vertex Group “Bone” as well as “Bone.001”. So, select the planes, go into edit mode. Select all the verts on the naughty plane (you can use Vertex Group>Bone.001>Select) then switch the Vert Group Menu to Bone and press “Remove”.

My guess is that you’ve painted this plane to ZERO weight (or something) - which doesn’t remove the verts from the group even though it looks like it has.

For future reference, you can check for this by switching to Weight Paint mode then SHIFT-LMB on the mesh to see a list of vertex groups that area is assigned to.

Oh you sweety, you know I was sure I checked the verts after I parented the object to the arm…but you know I did it several times…

Could I really have made the same mistake that many times!!! OMGoodness.

Thanks very much… yes, when I looke in weight painting it looked fine…so will remember the shift-LMB…


Err … I think you mean SHIFT-RMB … Not that I knew about this before but you got me to try it just now and Shift-LMB doesn’t work …

No, I actually meant Shift LMB so either you’ve got something weird going on or I’m going mad :eek:

Themanual confirms it as LMB. Are you sure you haven’t switched buttons in your prefs?

My bad AndyD … I was on my laptop without a mouse … and I did changed the select prefs on my Blender installed on my laptop … sorry I had forgotten … :o

Phew! I’m, not going mad then. :spin: