2 Drawings, photoshop colors.

Heres 2 image ive painted yesterday. Im new to Photoshop (downloadet it illegal, a few days ago.:rolleyes:)
So im new a coloring images. Therefor they does’t look very good. but whatever, im proud.
C&C are welcome:

Of some reason, Imageshack doesen’t work for me. right now, so its on a danish drawing site.


hm… okay…?

anyone? did you like it? did you not like it? hmm

Ok, I’ll shoot.
So, the drawings have their own problems, but I’m not going to go into that, I’m not better neither. However, the coloring is a different matter. these look rather like a color study or something like that, done in 2 minutes no intended to be seen by anyone except you. You need to decide what you want to do with themand stick to it in every little detail. What I mean is that you can paint over them like you seem to have done, but then turn it into a painting and use the pencil lines only as guidelines and eventualy lose them. Or you can make it cartoony, but then you need to ink those pencils and color the inked drawing. This way you must be very clean, clean lines, and clearly defined areas colored clearly. I hope you see what I mean.
I’m not saying they are worhless, or something along that line, I’m just saying it’s unfinished. These drawing should be pleasing to the eye, but when they seem messy that’s impossible.
I think it is actually possible to color pencils and still make it look good, but not with the very simplistic approach. If you had all shading in pencil for example that would be a different matter, but even then you would need to color precisely, not just over the drawing without caring if the color stays inside it’s intended place or not. This can make or brake a drawing like this. IMHO.

Thank you for the very good and precise critic :smiley: Im gonna take a look at some of these things… Thanks :smiley: