2 faces one choice... Woe is me...

Simple choice.

Right or Left?

Which one is better?

And what could I do to enhance photorealism… I am thinking of subdividing further, or using blendersculpt. Up to which point the mesh does the realism and up to which point the texture does the trick…

:smiley: Sorry if I do a very tricky post for my first but I need to be sure…


Right but with the ears and neck of the left.

What I mean is that the face on the right has a more feminin feeling and looks more like the girl but the ears and neck look odd. The top of the ears on the right face curve out while on the pictures you see her ears do not. The neck also looks better on the face on the left than on the one on the right.

Other than that. Thumbs up!

I’m curious, are you invovled with the ExtinctionLevelEvent project?

Both meshes are good - why exactly can you only use one of them?