2 force fields - 2 particle systems


I have a problem with 2.8

I have two particles system (hair) and two force fields.

I want to have one force field to affect only one particle system

In 2.7x you could use layers to do the trick and put the force field you wanted to take effect to your particles system in the same layer.

It doesn’t work with collections, I tried to look online, couldn’t find any solution.

Does someone had the issue and find something to do the trick?

You can bake the catche of one particle system. then adjust the scene and bake the other particle system

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Restriction to a collection of effector works here.

You have to precise appropriate collection into settings of each particle system.

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Thank you so much! Because I was used to layers, I didn’t get that I had to select the collection (I thought I just had to put it in the same collection) Thanks :slight_smile:

@jerzygorskiart thanks for the tip, but it’s not what I wanted :blush: