2 huge problems here.

OK, first of all this doesn’t apply to my maze game but another game I started which is shown by the image below

It looks fine but I run into two major problems when I press “P”

First of all the body of the car, when I first made it and made it an actor with no key commands it fell onto the ground like it should, now whenever I press P it instantly slams itself halfway into the ground with one part that’s within the windows floating above it then zooming every which way. It even does this when I turn off the actor button and also it strangly works to have it off and expect it to stay motionless if I made the terrain an actor. :-?

Second of all I have a fence going around the race path which goes around a steep mountain in the middle. To take advantage of the frustum culling I split it up into different objects. But then again if I press the P key while facing the mountain so the back horizon line is visible the fence shows through the mountain and makes the surrounding pixels invisible and thus being real ugly.

Anyone know what’s causing these things because I can’t start on the movement and game mechanics if they aren’t solved :frowning:


Now whenever you press P? What did you change? Post some shots of the settings for the car and the ground.

As for the second part, it might be a bug in the engine. Frustrum culling is new to Blender, isn’t it? I haven’t tried it yet, so I can’t really help there.


“p” starts the game engine, that’s just the view using the view render. The game engine doesn’t start up until you press “p”

“p” starts the game engine, that’s just the view using the view render. The game engine doesn’t start up until you press “p”[/quote]

Yes, I know that. I should have put some emphasis to clarify: NOW when you press P? What did you change in the time between the first time you ran it and now? Hopefully the question makes sense now. (btw, I like the trees :smiley: )


You might want to twiddle with the engine yourself before trying to answer things. This is very specific stuff we’re talking about here.

kansas> if you really want to get answers, its time for you yourself to answer some questions.
What is it exactly that you changed before starting the game engine…
this way people get a feeling of what you are trying to do here.
And what might be going wrong…

I have also had objects that want to sink into the ground for no reason, and had to replace them,…could be a bug, i’ll see if i can reproduce it again.

well if its everytime u press p they sink half way into the ground could be the bounding sphear is so small.


:o That’s a very interesting problem. I would have said it was the collision boundaries, but then since you said you turned off actor and it still fell (which it shouldn’t).

Seeing as how you’re not new to the game engine, this might not be a trivial problem. Since it specific as you say, post the .blend file of the problem. If you don’t want us seeing most of your work before you’re done, just append the car to another .blend and make a plane under it. That way it would be easier to fix and less guesswork on part of others that are trying to help.

:wink: Blend file.

Jason Lin

The frustum issue MIGHT be because you aren’t viewing the scene through the camera. Frustum culling I THINK is based on the camera view and not the screen view so it might make things not quite right if you don’t look through the camera. Untested, just an idea.

The car issue - have you set any of the faces to shadow? This option may not be what you think :wink: The shadow face option makes an object act like a shadow, i.e. it makes it stick to the ground. It’s for when you make a black mesh that you want to look like a shadow of something.

I was wondering what that did? Okay well that fixed the first problem but viewing the mountain from the camera made no difference, I could still see a invisible line going through it revealing the other side.

Try adjusting the clip sta/clip end settings on the camera in the edit buttons. Sometimes a low clip start can cause graphical glitches.

No effect. Changing the clipstart didn’t do anything.

Can you post an image that shows the actual problem, and maybe a blend too?

All I can say it I look at the mountain, press P and near the bottom there’s an ugly heavily uneven pixely line of terrain and stuff on the other side that should be obscured from view showing through.

Increase Clipstart, decrease clipend. Optimal values are 1.0 for clipstart, and 200 for clipend, depending on what you want.

I tried that and it’s still there, I even tried twiddleing with the other settings like draw size and how long the camera is and even scaled the level up quite a ways as it was on a small scale compared to the default x,y,z grid and nothing worked :frowning:

I think it’s time for a .blend :wink:

If there is an alpha face where the line is, then go to the material buttons and select “Ztransp”. My 2 cents. :wink:

The only texture with an alpha channel is the texture that blend the road texture into the grass, otherwise nothing’s on an alpha channel (you may notice in the screen the transparent glass in the car but that was scrapped because of problems getting the inside to show through clearly)