2 Hundred Years Of Love

My new artwork created under 2 hours
A lowpoly modeled realistic scene
Ivy used 3dwolf.weebly.com/grass.html pack free
And material textures from poliigon
The fence modeled with blender skin modifier and post process in photoshop !
Publishing in blendswap
Rendered in 2 hours 450 samples

Hi. I am sorry , but I battle to link your image to the name that you have given to it;
maybe there is a story behind it, please do share.

I also think that the lock itself is way to thin, considering its size.
I would also reduce the DoF.

All the Best

@Interstellar there was a bridge in Paris where couples would put a lock on the railing and throw the key in the water to signify their bond. I think this is the same concept.