2 Image sources, what's the difference?

I can’t believe I am asking this now, after so long…

In the Texture tab, under the Image section, there’s 2 folders one can click on to choose an image file, as seen in the image below.

It seems redundant.

What’s the difference?


It is indeed absolutely redundant, and cause of lots of absurd duplicates of the same images.

While several textures can make a different use of the same image, and hence having different names has sense, an image is just an image and never differs from itself, so having it duplicated with different names is a non sense.


the one an the top is all the images that blender has has used in this blend into in a list, so if your using the same image in more then one texture you can get to it easily. the bottom one tell you where the image is and gives you the option to pack it into the blender file.

hope this helps :smiley:

Thanks cC2502, it still seems redundant to a good extent. I’m sure these 2 could be merged into one somehow.

Thanks anyway,


A few time ago on one thread I asked Campbell Barton about the matter, i.e. whether the duplication of the same source several times, and even the need for a different name for each of them was necessary at all, since this is font of severe drawbacks, but I got no answer.