2 image textures one object


I’m modelling a character in cycles, but I ran into a problem.
I have got 2 image textures which I both want on the same object; one ground colour layer and one layer with a detail on it (for the rest of the image alpha is turned on)
When I combine them in the node editor, like shown below, only one of the 2 textures appear; or the ground colours, or the detail with the rest of the object white.
It seams like the texture I select in the node editor is the texture being displayed on the model.
Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong.
I’d appreciate your help very much :).


minion .blend (6.16 MB)

No textures packed into the blend file

  1. You did not pack your textures so it’s going to be a pain to recreate, nobody knows if your png even has alpha in it.

  2. You did not upload the same file that created those screenshots. There is only one material in your blend, but I can see from viewport colors (pants are blue) that you have multiple materials on the minion.

I think you are trying to do something like this. You can move and scale the images with the mapping nodes,

What exactly do you mean by ‘packing textures’

He means File > External Data > Pack All Into .blend, then save the file.
This will integrate all image textures into the .blend file, so everything can be easily transferred as one file - e. g. to us…:wink:


I coppied the picture of Photox in my node editor, but it still doesn’t work.
Here is the proces in screenshots.

  • First I put put the ‘gru sign’ into photoshop, and orientate with the uv map
  • I hide the uv-map and save the document as a PNG file (with alpha turned on)
  • When I open the png file with the previewer, The background is gray (indicating alpha)
  • Then I link it to the object in the node editor in the way Photox did.

I couldn’t get the screenshots in chronological order, sorry…


here are some more screenshots


These screenshots are pointless, we need the blend file and all relevant textures
With your blend file go to File / External Data / Pack all into .blend. Then save your file and attache/post a link to that file. This will include all the textures that you have access to but currently no one else has.

Sorry, I just realised that I dind’t include the .blend file, I simply forgot.
Here it is, it now should include all textures:

Also it might include more textures. These are textures which I had used with several other attempts to sovle this problem. I have deleted them as textures but blender still remembers them for some reason.
The ones I used are:

  • minion texture gru sign.png
  • base color.000

I hope everything works now, but I’m not a computer genious… Let me know if anything is still wrong.
Thanks for our help :slight_smile:


minion.blend (7.72 MB)

Still no images packed.

Still no images packed. You have almost 500 doubles, so you wuld want to remove those. Select all verts in edit mode and ‘remove doubles’ from the tools panel on the left (hit t )

File, external data, automatically pack into blend. Save it again. Upload it. The file is 7.7 mb with no images so with images, it would be larger.

Also which render engine do you want to use. Cycles or BI?

Ah I see the problem.
As I said more textures are included than I want.
One of them, I deleted already from my laptop. Because of this an error occurs and blender can’t pack the files.
Is there a way to get rid of all these textures in the memory of blender? (I don’t use these textures on my minion)


I think I figured it out. :slight_smile:
I deleted all the useless textures and now the other textures should be packed into the .blend file
Let me know if it works.


minion .blend (2.27 MB)

First I wasn’t able to upload the .blend file to this site.
But then I tried ‘compressing te file’ while saving, and then it worked.
I don’t know what this exactly did, but if it affects the textures please let me know.

It work, and… it works. One of the issues is that you don’t have much light in your scene. In the world tab, click ‘use nodes’ and change the color to close to white. Even better get an hdri and use it as an environmental texture, or just add some more powerful lamps. But The gru png is being used correctly with alpha. I have no idea why I put a velvet node in there, I guess to show that you can use the alpha to mix not just colors, but materials. I would replace it/them with a glossy node.

Ah Yeah, it works!!
Now I can finally go on with my project, thank you so much :).

However, I do have one last silly question…:

  • My ‘add texture paint slot’ button, seams to have disappeared, the only way I can do it now is searching it by pressing space.
    Is there a way to get this button back?