2 images: Plexigrace, Grace of explosions of color

1). Plexigrace

2). Grace of explosions of color

The mesh for the second image here was made utilizing the bevel tool a number of times (not the script), extrude indivual faces, and smooth. If the name for the second image sounds lame I couldn’t really think up anything short, and witty, and several names using the word ‘abstraction’ was already used. So the current name stuck.

The first one is really cool, but the second one, while having nice materials, needs a more engaging model. Great work though! :smiley:

Interesting materials. You couldn’t think of anything for the second one because… well… it’s been done many times before. The first one is good though.

let me guess…you used the ice material tutorial for the first…and some particles for the second…great work to me! 4 stars for u mayn…

I usually don’t follow tutorials, I read it, remember how the tutorial goes then do it without looking back at the page. I did skip a few steps of the ice tutorial as well as take advise from it, I see it as some sort of part ice, part glass.

The second one doesn’t use particles.

Something tells me you have my username blocked. You ignore every single one of my posts.

Your username is not blocked. About the second one, well, while it’s not too different from a few others I’ve done it does utilize a different technique for the mesh.

I started with a cube, beveled it, beveled it again to a large amount, then a few more bevels as far as it will go, then I extruded the individual faces and made them go through the mesh before coming out. Then I smoothed it to prevent total face overlap and those were the main steps.

My advice is just to avoid the KABOOM!!! renders. It’s cool watching your style develop over time (your work is more unique then mine is to say the least. My work looks exactly the same as hundreds of thousands of other people- that’s why I’ve refrained from posting my finished projects.)