2 initiatives for the Addon Compositing Presets 0.7

Hello everyone :slight_smile:
Best wishes for the new year!
I want to report to update the addon: Compositing presets.
In this latest version, the 0.7, there are several new features:

  1. Updated the script presets
  2. Ability to view a preview of the selected preset
  3. Ability to save a new preset (each node is saved with the default values??), so you can reuse it.
    See the video;-)

With the release of this version, I launched two initiatives:
The first is inherent in a fundraiser for € 300, so as to implement the ability to save nodes with custom properties (curves, colors, fac …)
In all there are 168 nodes, including composite, shaders and textures.
A lot of work!
The second initiative is inherent in the collection of new presets created by the community.
So that it can expand the presets and to speed up the production pipeline.
For more information about the two initiatives, please visit: ruesp83.com

I hope that these initiatives are useful both for the addon for the end user.
See you soon,

Back in the day I wrote a script that took material and textures and ex/imported them as a json file – have since lost the file so…

But for nodes I just iterated over the properties, filtered out the ones that I didn’t care about and saved the rest so I wouldn’t have to have an individual function for all 168 nodes to write/maintain. On loading just do the opposite, if the property exists set it and if it doesn’t just keep the default and/or ignore it. Easy peasy.

Not that I’m saying your time isn’t valuable but it isn’t that hard of a problem…

The addon creates a python script automatically.
This allows me to copy and paste a file in Text Editor of Blender and when I press the “Run Script”, Blender automatically creates the preset.
Here is an example of a stored preset: http://www.pasteall.org/38502/python
I then having to create a python file I need to work on a single node, so that I can write the changed property in the file.

Yes it is a great way to distribute node setups instead of using append .blend. As that can be a bit fraught/annoying.

Hello, I read the error is reported to the tracker.
I also responded.
The error was due to a problem with Blender (see bf-committers) with the node “Dilate / Erode”, resolved by revision r53601. :wink:

Oh I am so sorry for posting here too. I forgot where I placed bug. Removed above bug report

Oh I read that post about the broken erode node. Sounds bad, renaming attributes and all. Good if it can be fixed now. I guess it will break many of the ToS production files?

The problem has already been solved :wink:

this is a GREAT idea! I tried to save a preset and it did not save my color balance values - it reset all values to 1.0 for RGBs - is this expected? If so, can it be changed to preserve? I may be doing this wrong