2 kinda horrorish renders

had a contest with a classmate (kind of a 3d challenge) and the topic was about a somewhat shocking scene but without the usage of flesh or other too gorey stuff (i.e. no hanging of organs outside of bodies)

so, i got 2 ideas more or less for the challenege, why not post them?right?:smiley:
ps: i got some inspiration from watching silent hill latley


Interesting… Creepy but interesting

It’s been a while since there’s been any decent horror round here.
The first render could do with some blood on the floor maybe.
The character is Awesome!:evilgrin:
The second one is different, not as good but good none the less.:cool:

yea, i’ve noticed that too, haven’t really seen any blood and gore related renders in blender

join the dark side, we have cookies:)

Ah yes… finally someone else making horror too… I like the overall feeling in the 2nd picture… the first… uh .well thats not really into my taste.

well, these are ok… but i think you could’ve put a bit more idea behind, instead of just making scary looking things… that way, you could actually raise a horrifying feeling …

and here is my favourite in horror category:


I’d recommend using much more contrast between light and dark.


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Sorry for offtopic…like really bad

I like the first image alot…But not enough blood. and the second picture is KICK ASS…But kind of dark

Ill join the dark side…OH HOW I LOVE COOKIES! haha

Definitely nice to see some more horror around. I like the first one, dont care much for the second though.

The first one needs adjusting though, the lighting isnt right, way to light. It could be the AO ur using, so turn that down, perhaps set it to Sub, and make it a lot darker in contrast…

But nice work anyways.

Im already there :evilgrin:

Wow, ive never seen that one before, amazing picture, thanks for sharing!