2 Knife tools missing in 2.57

so i did a switch from 2.49 to 2.57 and i noticed that the midpiont cut and the muticut are gone, or are they still there and i don’t know it?


When you make a cut look in the toolshelf (T) or F6 to change you cut settings

My real beefs with the new build;

  1. Knife tool can’t cut in a straight line.
  2. Bevel can’t modify just 1 face or selected faces.
  3. Retopo GONE.

The old shift+k knife gave you a line to follow across you mesh. I even tried hold the mouse along the straight edge of a ruler. I guess I am not getting rid of 2.49 until they fix what they broke.:mad:

agreed, thanks to the midpoint and multicut on just individual lines and faces gone, it’s kind of useless sadly

Okay, so to point out some intersting tidbits:

  1. Retopo is achievable with the snapping function there at the header bar, choose your flavor for what it should snap to. Also, you can use in combination with the Shrinkwrap Modifier to name your target mesh and choose your offset,etc. Really more advanced if you play with it to get a feel for what you can do with it.

  2. Knife and Bevel are part of the work coming with Bmesh, and if youare patient enough, you will see it added as soon as they are done with integration - there are testing builds now for getting the devs feedback on where it stands now.

  3. Multicut is part of the T (tool shelf) as Richard stated - before you click to commit your loop cut, you can use the tool shelf ui to dial in how many cuts you want…

Keeping 2.49 for some of the missing mesh tools is what I am doing until they completely commit the Bmesh to head - maybe that is an option for you right now. All the other additions in 2.57 more than make up for a few tools still in works.