2 masters cooperation.

(ScottishPig) #1

Yeah. The best of rendering and the best of modelling come together. @ndy and I (SCOTTISHPIG) have combined modelling with amazing effects to bring you:

Comments are more than welcome.

(snailrose) #2

very cool the pic has a great mood and pressence to it
you say that this pic is a combo of two artists what ever
you two are working on…its working :smiley:

good pic


(stephen2002) #3

it looks good. Nice lightning effect.

I would loose the halo lines, they don’t look right. Also, I have never seen lighting arc down and then up, yet it does in your picture. Maby it is just the perspective.

(surreal_33) #4

hey scotish
great work 1 thing i see is… the lightning seems to… thick shouldn’t it be a bit thiner?

other then that Great work!

(harkyman) #5

It looks great. This is a great idea. Take someone who loves to model and someone who loves to make renders look beautiful, and you get something awesome like this.

BTW, lightning takes the path of least resistence. Different moisture contents in the atmosphere will effect the path of the stroke.

(Riskbreaker) #6

sweet pic, a great example when powers combine…or some mumbo jumbo like that.

Just wanna say something about the comments made on the lightning.
My 10th grade science teacher once told me:
“Lightning is one of the most laziest things on the planet.”
Go figure. 8)

(Mixed Blend) #7

:o i love the lighning texture although the bolt is a little thick - and water is pretty nice looking, but what is that brownish-white thing underneath the lightning? kind of looks like a cigar or something, maybe you should model a ship or something to put in the water, that would really bring this picture to life!

(wiseman303) #8

Wow! That’s the first thing I said when I saw that picture. Awsome work.

I do agree that the lightning should be thinner though, but I think you should keep the halo lines, and maybe add fire to the sails and rigging.