2 model stitching=problem

Hey! I got two models: 1 head, 1 body. I usually sucseed stitching models, but this time I got a head with rvk´s. Blender tells me that I can´t combine a model with rvk´s with another. Is there a way to go around this or do I have to model a new face?

try deleting the rvks…
backup your work first
goto the ipo window, make sure your viewing vertex ipos, right click each line then x to delete.

Difficult task, but I have succeeded in similar problem.

Make as many duplicates of your head as rvks you have, delete all rvks but one for each head so you have all different heads. Join the a copy of the body to every head, DON’T remove doubles yet. Join all objects back toghether as rvks with the Rvk1 to Rvk2 script and then do a “rem doubles” (your body and head match exactly, right?).

To run the rvk1 to rvk2 script you choose first the object which will receive the new mesh as an rvk and then shift-select the object which will become an rvk. (This is opposed to the instructions, read them anyway). The second object can be somewhere else in 3d space, not overlapping the first.

The base mesh must have ONE key before adding new keys to it.

…Or just make a new head complete with body before starting making rvks