2 New female drawings

Someone is trying to get me into drawing female tattoos and this is the result of a request draw “A female with big ass, boobs, on a shroom, smoking a blunt.”


Lol, that’s quite an original request!

The result is really nice, though you might also try more variations around the theme, like having her looking at you. Well, this depends on the guy who will be wearing the tatoo :slight_smile:

The second one in more femme-fatale like. I like here facial expression and the way you drew the hair. I also like how you drew the left arm (I have terrible times doing arms). However, the rest of the body could have used more time! (though a sketch is just that: a sketch ;))

My two cents!

Here is another sketch


Now if only we could model stuff like that…

Really cool pic’s

Nice drawings (I mean that they are well executed, i don’t talk about the girl… :o)

If he gets that tattoo, he’s going to have a hard time getting married.

LOL XD Ah well, such is life XD

Brilliantly put my friend!

Nice line art… is it going to be a grayscale or colored tattoo? If colored a purple mushroom would be great :slight_smile:

If a tatoo would be the X factor for a marriage, then that marriage ain’t worth nothing anyway. I will neither get any tattoos nor get married so I guess I am liberated from this little issue.

Tatoos i dont like. Im not calling them art.
Sorry , think about your skin and diseases.

Say that to some of the genious tatoo designers out there - see how they feel about their work being albeled ‘not art’. here’s some from back in the day when i was considering my options :slight_smile:


Get a tattoo “I Love Ken”

I like the traditional sketch handy works, and the looks to these is tight and greatly crafted. Keep up the good works, mate. People can’t 3D all their lives. :wink:

I was stationed in okinawa when the movie crouching tiger hidden dragon was either just being talked about or had just come out (can’t really remember). So I drew up a tiger in a “i’m about to pounce on your ass” type pose and an oriental dragon behind him in a pose that says “if you move when he jumps…I’m going to eat you”. Everyone loved it so I thought tattoo right away (I had 4-5 others at the time) SOooo…I went to about 4-5 tattoo studios, looking for not only a tattooist that spoke english, but one that would do the tattoo how I had drawn it. I’m not one for the artistic interpretation bull crap when it’s going to be forever on my body. You use my interpretation for that, screw yours lol. The sketch up took me about 45 minutes to draw it and another 30min to shade it. But up until that needle touched my skin it wasn’t art. 16 hours later the artists snapped a picture with his 35mm camara said something to his wife, and his wife turned to me and said, “we’ll be in touch”. Never had a tattooist said they’d call me later before. But\ two weeks later I recieved a call and went ot the studio and found a nice fresh and crispy copy of some japanese art tatoo magazine opened on the counter. I shared one full page with another back tat under the title that supposedly read (i don’t read kanji) Back Art.

So…at least the japanese (or the japanese editors of this mag) disagree with you. I’d have to side with them on that. I guess its personal preference though. I don’t really like looking at abstract art to much as I dont see how pictures that look like a 4th or 5th grader did it in art class is considered art…but there are tons of people that would disagree with me.