2 new gimp-perl scene transition effects!

(Hos) #1

The first effect tries to mimick the animated thingy on
the upper-left corner of the window in Mozilla
(probably could still use some tweaking):


The second effect, writen by Guillermo S. Romero, has to be seen to be believed!



(slikdigit) #2

nice! I’ve only used the gimp for still images. I’m not sure how You do these transitions. Is there a tutorial or site that explains? (pardon my laziness- perhaps I should just look)

Your poll is not calculated to elicit responces, now, is it? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Hos) #3

There isn’t much out there in terms of documentation – this is kinda
new ground. I do discuss the setup and usage of this framework
in more detail in this thread:


I plan to have a web page up soon with even more details.

Two people have responded “Of course – what a dumb question!” …
I better set up a paypal account, pronto! 8)


(theeth) #4

Two people have responded “Of course – what a dumb question!” …

make that 5 persons :wink:


(Guitarius) #5

Holy smokes! That’s unreal… Done in Blender as well, I presume?