2 new works using Blender

hi!..these is my last works using blender.
They first one isn’t a commercial work, is only joke :smiley: .
The second one was rendered in yafray.
Comments and critics are wellcome.



Nice work, it remember me an “encore” animation, was it made by you too ?
The Yafray work is great, nice light and mood.


it remember me an “encore” animation, was it made by you too ?

No, i was not made by me.
Do you have a link for it? I am curious to see it. :smiley:

Do you mean latest, or are you moving to a different program?

I love the second one, looks great.

You’re right, it’s the latest. :slight_smile:

If you don’t mind me saying, IMHO the three pointlights, or whatever they are called are a bit distracting in the second image. Their spots are too strong, they just keep drawing my eyes.

Very good job otherwise.

The second one is excellent! It’s so good that it forced me visit your web page and download your examples.

the second one is gorgeous. i love the first one because of the idea.
i was thinking about that with my own ID just as a promotional joke.


thanks for the comments… :slight_smile:

I agree that maybe the spots are too strong, but it’s in the context of a proposal of a “dreaming look” image with glow and contrast between light and dark.

And about the examples in my page, i need to update that, it was for 2.37 build.

I’ve got to agree that the spots are too harsh… also there’s a major disconnect between the apparent light sources (the ceiling lights) and the actual lighting effect. The wall looks like it has track lighting spots pointed at an angle, not like it’s lit by non-directional lights set into the ceiling. Otherwise, the scene looks great.

nice, i like them both. The yafray especially is great, i really like the lighting. good good work