2 noob question

1st is: say if i want to scale a box in z axis to make it half the size in z,how can i find out the surfaces z coordinate in runtime?Im just cant find the x,y,z like in other softwares in runtime when doing stuff like this.It just sets the current z pos to 0 and shows the amount of distance the object moved.
And say if i want to place an object from its completelly flat surface on another flat surface,can blender correct it if one wont actually touch the other surface or slightly will pass truth it?

In object mode, select your object then hit the Nkey, this may solve both of your questions.

Also, if all you want to do is scale by a known percentage of the original, you could just select your object, hit the Skey, and then hit X or Y or Z key and then input the scaling factor, say .5 for one half, etc.

Thanks,ill give it a try.