2 noobie questions

Hello, Im new to blender… been using it now for 3 days… ive watched a bunch of tutorials but im kinda stumped on a few things right now. I have 2 questions.

  1. Sometimes when i add a new mesh, the new mesh and a previous mesh that I had added are now both the same object… It doesnt happen every time i create a new one and I cant seem to figure out what im doing wrong when I create… and also … say i do this… i have a plane and a sphere that are now the same object… is it possible to split them? i have been deleting both and starting over. Ive tried switching to edit mode, selecting one item and then hitting split but this doesnt seem to work.

  2. Ive messed with a few collision tutorials and I can get an object to fall and bounce off other stuff but I cant seem to get an object to rotate… say I have an extruded cube, rotated at 45 degrees… I would like when i hit animate this thing to rotate about the top point and fall like a pendullum would and just swing back and forth… So far I have been able to make the object, move my pivot point to the correct spot so that when i manually rotate it does rotate about the correct point… but when i hit animate the whole thing just falls straight down.

Thank you for taking the time to read all that, I hope what I said makes since.

1 - Make sure your in object mode when you create any new objects if you want them separate from the previous mesh. If you do happen to mix two together, select the vertex points you want separate and then press P while in Edit mode.

2 - not my area of expertise so I’ll let someone else answer that

Thanks Nick