2 ok graphic cards vs 1 good for 2 screens?

So my question is what do you think is the best.

one Asus nVidia 7900GT 256Mb, or two graphic cards for about half of price each?

I am asking that because I have made a few computer configurations but I don’t know what I should buy. A guy said that one graphic card isn’t very good for two screens. it is better to have two ok one.

the only problem is that I have to change everything if I want to buy two grafic cards because the motherboards that support the core 2 duo dosn’t suport SLI there for can’t take two graphic card exept if I buy the crossaire thing which is too expencif.

so it would be nice to know what some of you use and if it is working well.

As long as the Asus NVIDIA 7900GT 256MB model has 2 outputs, and your monitors are compatible with those outputs, then you should be just fine with the single graphics card. I had a dual monitor setup for a while using a single NVIDIA 6800 card, and I didn’t notice any slowdowns or problems.

I have two 6600 256Mb graphics cards.

since Nvidias drivers are pretty bad for SLI i would go for one better card.

but then again if one card is going to be powering one monitor each i don’t see why it would be a problem.


well thank you both for your answers.

I think I am finnely going to buy my new computer.

I have been waiting for nearly a year, waiting for the price to go down and now they go down there is new stuff so it ends up the same.

but I am ganna go for it.

it is going to be a rendering beast :smiley:

My brother uses a single GeForce 6600 GT and two monitors, and the setup has always performed flawlessly. He will often play a windowed game on one monitor, and chat on msn and browse the internet on the other monitor, with no perceivable slowdown.

Good luck with your new comp!

ok thanks.

know I have no more doubt about one card for two screens.

yeah get a better single card though, also try to get 512 Mb if you are planning to be gaming in a few years.


yea but than for a good 512 the price is 3 time more. at least in nvida.

and I want the two DVI ports.

I wouldn’t expect to be able to play then-current games in a few years with a graphics card bought today…

Other than that, you can mix any two graphic cards in a single system if you have the appropriate free slots. They don’t have to be the same brand, same memory, same type, same GPU …or need SLI. This is only relevant if you want two cards to render for one screen.

So I would suggest: Use one real powerful card for your main 3d/gaming/“power” display and a second one which can be cheap and old for documentations, reference images, text on a second screen. Nearly any card that fits into today’s PCs should be able to fulfil these tasks. If you can afford it, you can then buy a more powerful (even more powerful than #1, so can switch roles then).

My secondary card is a ATI Rage II 8MB…

First of all, congrats on getting a new PC, it feels so wonderful to use a new computer… so fast and sleek and… NEW! :wink:

Remember that for rendering blender uses the CPU, and not the GPU… only GUI stuff and the Game Engine use the Graphic Card’s processor.

But I figure you’re going to a HT enabled pc… or dual-core maybe? With lots of RAM? :smiley:

I didn’ mean that for the graphic card.:smiley:

I will have an Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 with 2 gigs of DDR2. That should be a rendering beast. :smiley:

what is HT?

HT… well… I looked up on wikipedia… and it turns out HT for AMD and Intel is totally different… anyways… take a look:


But who cares, if I’m not mistaken… is that a dual-core processor you’re buying??? If so… it kicks butt!