2 path problems


I am making this animation. The camera goes down into a tunnel then gets into a bleu sphere, circle around and end on the center red ball.


Problem one

I made the tunnel part of the path with a bezier curve and things where going good. Then i added a bezier circle that i opened and connected with the F key.

Now my camera stars a the end of the path and ends at the beginning.
How can i change the beginning of the path?

Problem 2

When the camera gets in the bleu sphere i would like it to keep following the path but while pointing torward the red ball in the center.

I wanted to make it track a empty in the middle of the red ball but it does not work for the beggining part of the tunnel.

How can i do that?

I hope i was clear.



Please affirm this:
You made a curve to be used as an anim path, then you added another curve of a different type and joined them? ( I’m not sure what you were trying to accomplish by this, please state what you are trying to do by joining the curves, and I will endeavor to tell you the correct method for doing it. )

Problem 1:

You need to switch the direction of the curve.
In edit mode, all control points selected, press [W] -> ‘Switch Direction’

Problem 2:

If I understand you correctly, you wish to track an Empty, but only once the camera enters the blue sphere??

If that’s the case, I would add a Constraint Influence IPO curve.

select the camera, then the Empty; then press Ctrl_T -> Constraint.
Select the camera.
Open up an IPO curve window, and change the IPO Type to ‘Constraint’
Then, switch to the Object buttons, and find the constraint panel.
click the little ‘Edit’ button at the bottom.

Next, in the IPO curve window, hi-light the 'Inf’luence label on the right hand side - it should turn white.

Finally, add points in the IPO curve window by Ctrl_Left Mouse button clicking in the graph portion of the window. At frame 0, click at an influence setting of 0, then where you want it to start tracking, say frame 50, enter 0 once again, and at frame 100 (or what ever) enter a value of 1.

You will need to tweak the curves to get rid of any “wows” that occur.

Good luck.
Need any clarification just ask.

Hey Jarrell,

I followed your advice and it works perfectly.
I learned many new things.

Thanks alot for your help.



This is a older post but something I want to do… does it still work the same way with the new versions of Blender?

I want to start a camera on a curve – curve path/curve follow… and have it move around my track till it reaches a object… track to that object until it finishes circling… then go back to tracking the path…

Someone let me know if this is possible and how…



Yes, it still works, and Jarrell explained it all very well. The “Inf” in the IPO editor under the Constraints IPO’s is for Influence; how much influence the constraint has over the constrained object at any given frame.