#2 place on hungarian 3d contest: flower woman

I think this is one of my baddest image, but I get the 2. place in hungarian contest:


i really like that style! :smiley:
but the first place was not easy to top.

i think it would better without the face.
i dont know why, but to me it doesn’t look like it fits there very well.

excellent image otherwise.

congrats on the second place!


I sort of agree with basse here. I don’t think that you should not have had a face on it, but I think a more realistic feminine face would have suited it better.

This is a great image though. Very nicely done again endi.


Well, I think it’s a truly amazing work!!! Very beautifull!!

very nice. HOw about more ripples on the water. small ones?

Nice! Congrats one 2nd place!

Wow, very nice work endi. Very Stylish. I like it very much.
The other image of yours at that site is very nice also.

I agree with void, I think the lower wave could have taken into account the other flowers in the water also. Perhaps some minor secondary waves.

Yes i like what i see. I always think it is cool to see blender right up there with the “BIG” or so called 3ds Max. You didnt win but still man great job.