2 potential bugs in Bullet

Hi, I was working on version 2 of my starter maze engine (now released), and I noticed two problems that should be looked at.

The near sensor doesn’t work, though in a worse way then other sensors in the past, whenever it activates it just freezes the game, I was able to get around it using ray sensors but near sensors could become important in the future.

Using a property as a sensor for an IPO doesn’t work quite right for ping pong mode. Except for loop stop, and loop end, the object on the IPO in the other modes just stops when it hits the last specified frame instead of doing it in reverse or jumping back to start. Meanwhile loop stop mode makes it at least loop but not like ping pong where it just stops. I know one workaround without a lot of hassle would be make a reverse IPO and put that in the action.

are you using 2.42?

The near sensor never worked well at all for me, I remember in 2.41 Sumo where it instantly froze the engine when on an added object.

you forget the collisions dont work.

Yes i’m using 2.42.

BlendMe: collisions with dynamic/dynamic and dynamic/static do work. It’s just static/static that doesn’t.

Toomai: the near sensor also freezes the game when two objects aren’t added. I know it’s not a problem with my logic brick setup because I tested it on an empty file with two cubes and it freezes.

You have to admit a bit more things work now then they did in 2.41, but hopefully the problems mentioned will be fixed before 2.43.

EDIT: oh, and another bug, give a text object a material and it screws up badly (as in all you see are rectangles), I think the same could apply for faces with alpha on in the UV buttons.