2 problems Boolean, Solidify, Mirror modifiers.


I have 2 problems related to boolean, solidify and mirror.

1rst problem:I’m trying to boolean a mirrored plane that has 4 sides but i am having trouble with the modifier layout (the one i have now is the only 1 that works right but it’s not mirroring to the other sides (see .blend below)

2nd problem:The solidify modifier gives slewed edges that are not perfectly straight like the base mesh (see .blend below)


3mod.blend (394 KB)

You’re booleaning (is that even a word?) a mirrored mesh, not mirroring a booleaned mesh - if that makes sense. The Boolean modifier has to be “over” the Mirror modifier in the stack. But in order for this to work, the Solidify modifier has to come first, as booleans work best on solids. So:

  • Solidify
  • Boolean
  • Mirror

Creates internal faces.How would i set it up if i want to mix in the bevel and subsurf modifier, also does the boolean need to be applied before i can use the bevel on the hole it created or is there a way to leave everything as modifiers?

Solidify is only going to make more verts then you want. doing this you have only have made a shell.
If you need to boolean the bracket needs to be solid. I use solidify to build a cube from plane here you have all ready build the walls so you get a shell. XYZ mirror you see the shell better. Mirror the circles how ever the boolen will not work until its made solid i think.

Can you post an example?. I of course want the object to be solid so the solidify modifier is doing it’s job, the boolean modifier will also not work without a solid mesh.

Exactly as brentison suggests, simply mirror the circles in X and Y using your main object as origin. Regarding the skewed edges from Solidify: solidify outwards instead of inwards (i.e. change the Offset setting for Solidify to 1).


3mod.blend (446 KB)

Thanks Brentison and Stan, learning something new everyday.

As for the solidify modifier making skewed edges, there are still some skewed edges on the one you uploaded, Stan. It seems to be a modeling problem on my side for the base mesh since trying to make them all straight produces some triangles.