2 projects appended looks like crap

I have about 3 of my blinder programs stuck together in to one. They all look fine but one of them. The one that looks like crap is a text logo nothing special it doesn’t even move. It looks like i made it in photoshop at 7dpi 20p x 20p and brought it in and tried to make it 1280 x 1024. But i didn’t I’m just telling you that’s what it looks like. I have used this logo in other projects and it always looks like this, why? I can open the original file and its fine it looks great. Any thoughts?

we need more info.

maybe a screen capture or two?

can i put a image on this forum?
And how?[/img]

you need to post it on a webserver somewhere…flickr, geocities.com, imageshack…then link to it.

I got it fixed i had to convert it from a text to a mesh.