2 Qs: Arbitrary clipping and Strange camera glitch

Hi all.

  1. I’ve noticed that when I’m working on a model in edit mode, say a head, sometimes I can clip my 3D view through to the inside of the mesh and sometimes it just revolves around the outside of the mesh. I’d like to know what the “rules” are for clipping, i.e. when it will happen and when it won’t. Clipping through to the middle of a model can be helpful for more intricate work, so I’d like to take advantage of it.

  2. Sometimes when I press numpad 0, instead of showing the camera view, Blender sends me into the centre of whatever mesh I’ve been working on (i.e. clips through into the middle of the mesh), and turns the 3D view upside down. If I change cameras (Ctrl+0), the issue resolves itself and pressing 0 no longer takes me to the centre of the model. Is this a glitch?

I’m just a bit confused as to how the 3D view works.

I can only answer your first question, since I haven’t ever encountered the second issue.

Clipping through the model happens in perspective view. No matter how much you zoom in orthographic view it will not let you “through” the model, but perspective view allows this. If you tweak near clipping plane and or lens in the view parameters, you can control when the clipping occurs, i.e. how close you have to be before going “through”.

Alright, thanks Stan. That’ll be helpful.