2 q's (one esp. for Modron)

  1. Raytracing. What is it?

  2. Modron, how’d you do those trees in the frog race blend? I’m going insane trying to that.

Not Quite Entertainment
“Not Quite Done Asking Stupid Questions”

NQE1, you can make the exact same trees ( well similar ones anyway ) by doing the following things:

  1. download and install python 2.2 ( NOT 2.3! ), and set your python path as per the instructions at the top of the python and plugins forum, only in the file path name, substitute 2.2 for 2.0,…I’m not sure if you really need the Py install to run Lsystem, but you will need it eventually anyway if you want to use other plugins,…but you might want to check anyway,…
  2. download the latest version of Lsystem, which can also be found in the Python and plugins forum
  3. Download the 2 zips i left in a thread entitled ‘Lsystem settings needed’, and load them up ( there are several files with no extensions inside. These are Lsystem files. ), and press generate.

If you have any questions, please feel free to come back to this thread and ask them.

<edit> btw raytracing is a way of calculating a render that makes for good reflections, and some other stuff.