2 question about face topology

I was wondering. if you only have a front ortho. could you do the basic loops and use another side ortho of another reference to get the skull shape, then just move the front topology to math the reference image?

also, does using normal axis help when modeling instead of using just global axis? I am wondering if this would be better to help shape like the cheek muscles.

I have used front and sides of two different people before, and it came out looking somewhere in between, but it was a perfectly good head.
(edit) also, I think it’s good to freely rotate your object while modelling, and not always be confined to a particular view / views. you can do a lot by free rotating and going at shapes from the edges instead of straight on

does using normal axis help when modeling

I suppose one can flip flap transformation axis while do modeling. But for more subtle detail modeling people tends to use Sculpting mode. Inflate brush for example, raise / lower mesh faces normal.