2 question that I dont know the answers to

Let me first say thank you well in advance to anybody who can help me with this. I can’t figure it out and its kind of basic, so bare with me.

I numbered them, kinda saves on writing :smiley:

1.) Is there any other way to create displacement in an object without having to subdivide it or smooth it like crazy? Because that piles on really heavy geometry and it bogs down the real-time so bad it takes forever to do anything “IF” Blender doesn’t crash in the process. So yeah, I’d really like to know if theres a way to add displacement to an object without dicing it up. Render tree maybe?

2.) I know that Backbuffer is used to display an image in the background when rendering a scene. But when I choose Yafray as the rendering engine the image disappears. Anybody know how to get it back when its rendered with Yafray?

Well like I mentioned above any help is much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  1. Use a Sub-surf modifier set to Simple Sub and up the Render Levels but not the “Levels” number. This will leave the 3D view object low poly, but will increase the actual rendered mesh.

  2. I haven’t used Yafray in awhile, but I think if you load the Image as you World texture it will appear in Yafray.

well, forgive me, more specifically what I meant is how do I use Sub-Dividing that way? Because I’m trying to add displacement to non-organic objects, but I need them to keep their figure so it doesnt get too warped when I add subsurfaces to them. Any way at all to do that? Because I know that subdividing too many times will have the same effect as adding actual subsurfaces to a model.

But thanks for your help. I appreciated that.

My understanding is that the Simple Subdiv. option, would always place the subdivisions on the sample plane as the original faces. It does the same thing as you manually using W / Subdivide Multi in Edit mode. It should not in this way change the shape of the object, it would just increase the number of faces in the object. Catmull-Clark on the other hand actually calculates deformations in the mesh between the verts that are subdivided.

so that means that if I switch the subsurf type to Simple Sub, it will help displace the object based on whatever texture I have applied to the object just like catmull clark will, but at the same time the objects shape would stay the same and not deform and shrink right?

Here is a quick test. On the Left is a cube with Simple Subdivide set to Render level 6. On the Right a copy of the same cube with Cat-mull Clark set to Render level 6 and with all the edges using Edge Crease set to 1. Both use the same Marble texture for displacement. In the 3D view each cube is 12 faces (sub-div level 1) at render time they are each >24,500 faces.

ok cool. Thanks for the example man. That helps. Appreciate it.