2 questions about angmaps and World settings

I’d appreciate some help on this:

  1. Angmaps appear huge, curved and with very big pixels in my renders, both Blender and YafRay. Is there a way to scale them, or is that the way they should be?

  2. Is there any way to use an angmap or environment image for reflections, without it showing in the background?

Thank you.

Angmaps relies on this philosophy:


If the angmap you use is done like this, then it should appear nicely in your renderings (except for resolution, to have a good 800x600 render, the angmap must be at least 4096x4096 :o )

If you experience deformations then probably you are using as an angmap an image which is not an angmap :slight_smile:

You cannot use an Angmap for reflections and have a different background unless you waive to correct raytracing and use EnvMaps or you set background to transparent (Key/Premul/whatever)



Just in case:

I’m using this map (in higher resolution) and this is what I get in YafRay. ¿Am I missing something or is the map wrong?

I found out myself. S68 was right, looks like I was using the wrong image:

Spherical HDRI probes show fine in YafRay, but hemispherical ones (like the ones found in http://hdri.3dweave.com/library/park1.php don’t. Neither do Spherical JPGs.